Benefits and consequences of hypnosis

Hypnosis is a procedure in which a health professional or researcher suggests that the patient experience altered sensations, perceptions, thoughts or behaviours. Although it is prescribed by a doctor, it has both advantages and disadvantages for the practitioner.

The advantages of hypnosis

Hypnosis has a number of benefits. It has some spiritual, mental and physical impacts. Indeed, it allows the human unconscious to make a very radical change necessary for the proper functioning of the human body. Discover the benefits of hypnosis here

It also helps to improve deep sleep. No more need to take pills for sleeping. Hypnosis is effective enough. People suffering from the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome can use hypnosis as it provides quick relief and you will feel a marked improvement. Because of its ability to provide relief, it can be considered a therapy.

This form of therapy is accompanied by other treatments for stress relief, pain, anxiety and many other ailments. Many people have found the right solutions to their problems through hypnosis. A problem causes anxiety, worry or even pain for the person concerned and hypnosis takes care of getting you to step back and probably help you to clean up your feelings, your emotions. It also helps you to find new solutions.

The consequences of hypnosis

Before any hypnosis activity, the patient must give his or her assent because it is based on total trust between the patient and the therapist. Also, it can cause fear in some people which makes the hypnosis session very complicated and dangerous. The biggest consequence of hypnosis is the involuntary creation of false and bad memories based on the hypnotherapist's claims.

Hypnotherapy does not work every time. It produces side effects such as fatigue, confusion, insomnia, dizziness, memory problems, delusional thinking, personality change, depression, feelings of guilt, attention deficit, obsessions, fear and many others.

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