Car SatNav’s – Two Choices

Over the years, cat sat nav’s have improved so much that whilst in the past they have had a reputation for taking drivers in every direction apart from the one they wanted to go in, however over the years technology has made the direction finding process so much better that now if you type in an address into a Sat Nav, you’re going to get directions to where you need to go.  The more expensive models will even tell you you’re speed and the speed limit of the road.

Satnav’s come in two styles, a free standing unit which is then be mounted on a windscreen or dash panel, or an app downloaded onto your cellular telephone.  Maps are often a problem and the better ones cost money, and you will pay for detail.  If all your driving is done on local UK roads, then a simple satnav will be able to take you in the right direction, however you can get maps that will take you to Italy and perhaps further afield.

One thing that you need to think about is screen size.  Road safety is essential so you don’t want to be scrunching your eyes to view the route plan, therefore it’s great to pay attention to the display screen size and then confirm you are comfortable with it. Most SatNav units range between 4 and 7 inches, however with an app on your smartphone, this could be smaller which could cause you some problems.  Even if you are likely to buy your Sat Nav through the internet, it’s a really good idea to try them out in the store first.

Many GPS units offer you a camera alert, warning you every time recognised speed cameras are in front of you. These kinds of machines often show the speed limit of the road, as well as your present speed. Check your Sat Nav with regards to whether or not it includes GPS updates for free.  On higher-end devices traffic updates will be an option, alerting you of traffic problems on the road ahead, either shifting your current arrival time accordingly or providing you an alternate route.

Garmin RV 760LMT NavigatorThe SatNav Models

Each one of these gps models are have been recommended by Sat Nav Debate, however whilst price tags are varible and will depend upon the place where you purchase them the internet is a good place to start.  Out first model is the TomTom GO 40 which comes with maps for the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Western Europe, which of course come with free map updates for the life time of the unit and fast processor speed that allows for quick route calculations to help you get to your destination.

The 2nd favored model is the 5-inch Garmin Nuvi 60LM which come with maps of the full european countries, traffic, speed camera reminders and hands-free calls. Additionally it guides by showing you know of actual landmarks, for example it is more likely to tell you to turn left after the railway station rather than turn left after 300 meters, however it is quite expensive.

For the Apps, first up is the app called Waze, which is a local community driven free App for Android and IOS which allows you to share driver-useful info with other users on the road. You can actively record accidents and hazards, and it can even guide you on where the gasoline stations are en-route. For a totally free app it’s excellent, although it is super slow even if your smartphone comes with a super fast internet connection.

The TomTom app for United Kingdom & Ireland is possible to pick addresses from your mobile phone contact and the app will start to plan your route. The app can be used in offline mode so you are able to download the maps on a Wifi network and avoid burning up your data allowance. Also it features totally free roadmap updates, however the maps are really not very detailed.

CoPilot Live Premium United Kingdom & Ireland for IOS and Android. It offers you as much as three alternative routes for each trip giving you the ability to select between 2D and 3D views. You also have a new free Active Traffic function for twelve months that calculates the easiest route around traffic jams, providing you with an estimated time of arrival.

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