Do I Need a Water Cooler at Home?

Water cooler was first invented in early 1906 by two women – Halsey Willard Taylor and Luther Haws. The reason behind the invention of the water cooler was not only to provide the cool water but also the purified one. Due to the contamination of water one of the Haws family member get influence by typhoid and leads to death. So she decided to make a tool that keeps the water clean and healthy and she plays great role behind the invention of the water cooler invention for safer drinking water. The healthy life we are living today is due to the act she perform.

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In my opinion, yes water cooler plays important role and is needed at home. Looking back through its invention gives clear idea that the water cooler is invented for the purpose of keeping the peoples healthy. It directly concern health that health is wealth. Now a days the water cooler is being popular and its demand is increasing time and again. For today’s world, it is hard to imagine the life with water cooler. Every offices, school and various organization has been provided with water cooler.

Drinking a cup of tea or coffee in a short break gives you the immediate refreshment. But tea or coffee every time is not so effective to follow in daily life. Water is another life giving factor that which can be used to keep your mind cool and increase strength to work. Recent scientific experiment proves that drinking cool water in every 5 minute keeps the mind sound and healthy and increases the efficiency at work. Cool water is suitable for health too rather than tea or coffee for refreshment and does no harm at all, also increases the concentration level. So water cooler is the one of the best equipment to use at home, office and everywhere else.

Water cooler is the way to keep yourself hydrated. Once you see it you drink it and water cooler keeps the water cool and germs free which also keeps you physically and mentally fit and fine. Taking about the size,water cooler at the time of invention uses the large block of ice and extremely heavy which we can hardly imagine to keep it as a household equipment but the development in trends and technology and demands made it available in any size you ask for at affordable cost.

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Water cooler at home, offices, organizations is now becoming the norm as compulsion. Water cooler keeps the water filtered germs free and don’t let the unwanted growth germs and bacteria in these moist environment. Various companies such as aqua, omega and others are associated with it and gives their best concerning the human health to keep the peoples away from hospital as far as possible. The use of water cooler is also growing day by day and peoples of today’s generation are found to be much healthier and free from various waterborne diseases like cholera, typhoid and so on than before. As the main objective of the water cooler is concerned with the health and has various other benefits it is the most preferable and affordable for use.

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