Do You Really Need The Latest Car GPS Model?

Do you really need the latest car GPS Unit? or will actually a cheap older model do you just fine to get you from A to B.  The honest answer is that a good GPS unit is worth its weight in gold if you don’t want to get lost and want to save time.  Yes you can use your cellular phone however they have a couple of key elements which if you neglect will come back and bite you from behind.

TomTom START 50Firstly they’re expensive, which means that if you drop your cellphone on the floor and break the display screen, you could have a nice fee to replace it. Secondly, almost all cell phones units, fail to work well with water and thus if you are outside in the rain, you will not have the ability to use your Smart phone in case it gets wet.

If you shop around a specific GPS unit, even for the most expensive version tends to be less expensive than a low cost Cellular phone therefore if it does get stolen or  lost the problems for your wallet are going to be much less. GPS for your car’s will also tend to come with a lot of great features that will help with your routing. These features will include spoken directions, in-built speakers or even active lane support all to help you find your way from one point to another.


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If you can buy a good quality Car GPS Model for a realistic price that is within your budget then in my view it is obvious that you do need a specific Navigation unit, however the actual question is do you have to go for the most high-priced GPS product, or is it possible to buy a much cheaper unit that will do all you need and comes with a fraction of the price tag of the latest TomTom Car GPS Unit.

Often large, high-priced GPS models have a lot of functions which you do not actually need and therefore if you buy one of these models, you’re going to have wasted lots of money on functions that you simply need not have got. Unless you are going to do some serious cross-country driving, do you really need to have active traffic updates?

The answer is that whilst they are great to have, the additional price means that you i am sure can quite comfortably do without them. The best way to buy a great GPS unit that is right for you is not to simple pick up the most expensive or the Cheapest Garmin Device just because you can, but to pick a GPS model that provides good features, but features that you’re intending to use. If you are not likely to use the features then there is really no sense in getting this model and you could as well spare the money and purchase more cheaper unit.


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