Got an RV or Truck? Take the Right GPS Model

Garmin RV 760LMT NavigatorFinding a good car gps unit is very easy, however what happens when you want to take your truck or RV out for a trip?  Choosing a good GPS model become more difficult because you have certain restrictions that you need to take seriously.  An RV or Truck GPS Model will solve most of these problems as they are designed specifically for your needs, however do you really need one?  They cost double the price of a car GPS model?

Truck or RV GPS Device


Quite frankly, its vital that you are going to buy a GPS for your Truck or RV that you choose the right model as the consequences are just not worth thinking about.  What happens when your driving down the road, in your RV, follow your car GPS unit that you bought cheaply off and you come across a low bridge that was not pointed out on the map.  The short answer is you could be in a lot of trouble.  Imagine having to reverse your RV back down a single road, just because you cannot get your RV under the bridge – anyway you look at it, its going to be difficult and annoying.

For this and many other reasons, its recommended that you buy a specific model for your Truck or GPS and in all honesty stick to the better brands as they seem to have better models.  The top two brands for the Truck and RV are Garmin and TomTom and whilst they are slightly more expensive they do come packed with features to help you along your route.  These models not only come with lane guidance, spoken direction, voice command, bluetooth and a much larger screen so that you can see your GPS model whilst its sat on the counter next to you, but also come with features that you need to know about.

Routes are planned that will take into account any low bridges or restricted zones as well as all the usual routing features such as traffic alerts to avoid you having to sit in traffic whilst you’re trying to get to your destination and if you need a break along the way then these models come with massive points of interest databases that are specific to an RV or a truck and will allow you to sleep over night should you wish.

Brand named GPS models, sell in there millions therefore you can get extra benefits as well.  Garmin for example has a great website that allows you not only to update your maps, something that you cannot do with an in-built dash GPS unit, and at the same time explore what other users have been up to with their travels.  Maybe you view the website and look at another users route to get to specific destination that they think it really nice for a holiday in your RV or maybe another user can point out a problem with your predicted route that normally you would not have known.

The top RV GPS models that come recommended are the Garmin 760 RV GPS which is used by many of the RV’ers that are travelling the USA as we speak, however if you prefer a truck GPS unit then really you should be using the Rand McNally which comes highly recommended from all the customer reviews.

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