Welcome to our site

We are a small company that was started to see if we could make a difference. We have been where you are, searching for hours to find that little bit of code to get a document to look a certain way, or to export data to a csv or txt file or even create a database to connect to a file to create reports only to find out that it doesn't do what you wanted. We want to build a library for easy reference.

What makes us unique? Continue reading and you'll find out...

What we do:
We visit forums, assist with questions that users have, answer the questions and we post the results on our website. We give credit to where credit is do within the code if someone has worked on a solution and we have used their code and modfied it to make it more productive.

Why we do it:
We want to make it easier for people to find the information they are looking for.

How we do it:
We use existing forums already created to search out needed help.

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We would like to know how we can improve your experience

Note: We are not looking to take over a forum because there is still a lot of useful information on the site. Useful information may include but not limited to software updates, future release notes, installation issues, how the software communicates with other database, or how to information.

Our site is still undergoing some redesigning