Companies in Singapore : What should you know about incorporating a business in Singapore?

For any entrepreneur, having a business or product idea is a good thing. But it is crucial to know how to implement that idea to make it a real company. Singapore is the ideal place for any type of project and entrepreneur. It is important to consider the legal entity when designing your business. In this article, we will talk about business incorporation in Singapore.

Type of business company

The first of the things you need to think about as an entrepreneur is the type of company. The choice of this one can of course affect the tax price , the image and also the perception of your business towards your customers. The choice of company type is linked to several aspects, and it is up to you to take these aspects into account before making your choice. Feel free to visit GuideMeSingapore for more information on company incorporation. Since you want to newly set up your company, you have three choices. You can choose between a limited liability company, a partnership and a sole proprietorship. Of these, the one that is most recommended and applied in Singapore is the limited liability company. The limited liability company is for serious entrepreneurs, and it has several advantages. It allows you to legally protect your personal assets from your business responsibilities. Apart from the protective advantage of the LLC, there is also the perpetual existence. The company will still be in operation even if the owner dies.

Company registration

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