The history of the Dragon Ball manga

The popularity of the Dragon Ball manga is global in scope. Its author has conquered the anime world with his overflowing inspiration. With the content of this article, go to the discovery of the history of this anime.

Who is the author of this manga?

The famous manga Dragon Ball is the work of Japanese Akira Toriyama. Born in 1955, more precisely on April 5, Akira is the author of several anime. In all his anime, the most famous of all is Dragon Ball, still called dbz. A manga known in all the corners of the world. This manga was the second in the world to have so many sales. According to several sources, Akira Toriyama found his inspiration from Sun Wukong. It is from there that he could create his own anime. He participated in France, to the diffusion of the Japanese 9th art. His way of writing was also a source of inspiration for some manga creators. Still, until today, his manga Dragon Ball continues to be a hit. New generations continue to follow him, and probably, future ones will watch him as well.

What is this anime about?

The Dragon Ball anime follows the story of a young man named Son Goku and his friends. Son Goku is a small boy who has extreme strength. Simple-minded, this youngster has a monkey tail. Indeed, he is assigned a goal which is to protect the universe against the bad guys. Among these villains, we can mention Vegeta or even Freezer. These villains want to conquer the earth by any means possible. What Son Goku finds unacceptable. So he does everything in his power to prevent this invasion which could change his world. This is an anime divided in several episodes. Once you are going to follow this manga yourself, you will have time to understand it better. Above all, Dragon Ball is an entertaining anime that makes you laugh at times. Basically, the scenario is very interesting and is far from boring the people who follow it.